Dyslexia Update

British Dyslexia Association announces keynote speakers for 2024 conference The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) has announced the keynote speakers for its 2024 conference, which will be held on September 19-21 in Birmingham. The speakers include: Associate Professor Tuija Aro, from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, who is a leading expert on dyslexia and literacy.… Continue reading Dyslexia Update

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Exam Access Arrangement Benefits

Benefits of exam access arrangements assessments in the UK for students with learning issues Exam access arrangements assessments (EAAs) are designed to provide students with learning issues with the support they need to take exams on equal terms with their peers. EAAs can include a range of adjustments, such as extra time, use of assistive… Continue reading Exam Access Arrangement Benefits